Wynn Whisenhunt found his passion in craft brewing six years ago at the time this artisinal industry began to flourish.  He has been working in professional breweries for the past five years around the SF Bay Area.  He began his craft at home but knew that he belonged in a commercial brewery the moment he stepped foot into his first professional operation. Inspired by this experience, he then went on to Germany to complete an International Master Brewer program which opened him up to a new style of brewing. Wynn, however, has found a love for brewing American Style beers and tends to focus specifically on the West Coast Style while still occasionally brewing German Style and other one-off unique styles of beer. He is so excited to be a part of the SF Brewing culture and Bartlett Hall and can’t wait to produce great beers for other beer fanatics to try!


With an ability to weave construction, painting and other design elements together into a focused concept, Michael Brennan’s thoughtful approach to restaurant design has garnered him national recognition. Brennan’s prolific Bay Area portfolio includes more than 40 restaurant projects like Zero Zero, Jardiniere and Chandon, and extends beyond the city to Palo Alto, Napa, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He currently is working with Burritt Room vets to transform the former Santorini space outside of Union Square into Bartlett Hall, a casual hangout with a familiar, local feel. Brennan will fuse the city’s historic elements with today’s conveniences to breathe life into the restaurant and tavern, and make it authentically San Francisco.



LEAK Ventures was formed to create and manage innovative, unique and authentic hospitality projects. The company leverages the hospitality, real estate and construction backgrounds of its principals. Current and past projects of the principals include the Burritt Room, Crescent Hotel (now Mystic Hotel), the Resort at Squaw Creek, Paramount Hotels, Herbert Hotel and Anvil Builders.

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